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Evox Tour de Femme welcomes Waterford Wine Estate and Capaia Wine Estate as partners of Evox Tour de Femme 2016.
Jane Simon refers to herself as a “wine ambassador” due to her involvement in the wine and hospitality industry for the past 30 years. Jane represent top wine farms in South Frica and market these farms in the Garden Route, Port Elizabeth and environs.

It is with great excitement that Jane is partnering with Evox Tour de Femme to offer the ladies a wine tasting experience, after their mountain biking adventure through the beautiful Gondwana Game Reserve. This is an opportunity in a life time to experience the beauty of the Garden route and this Big 5 Game Reserve on our bicycles.

“I hold my own Trade Show eery year, in Knysna. My have a strong relationship and passion for Gondwana Game Reserve and proud to be part of the Evox Tour de Femme 2016”, says Jane Simon.

The two wine farms who’m have partnered with Evox Tour de Femme & Gondwana Game Reserve, is Waterford Wine Estate and Capaia Wine Estate.

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